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 Hello, my name is Arlissa Gentry, I am the owner of Klixx Photography.   The first thing most people ask is, "What does Klixx mean?" It is simply the sounds my camera makes when I take a picture.  My excitement to hear my camera's  little "Klixx" sounds has taken me on a journey that ignites my vision, heart, and soul. 

   Klixx specializes in assisting clients tell their stories by having the vision  and perspective to create beautifully crafted images that are unique to each client. Klixx's desire is to help clients to step away from their busy lives and relax, so they can enjoy the moments  that they are celebrating.  Klixx celebrates the lives of all types of couples. From the," Yes to the I do" and" I have loved you for a a lifetime." Klixx helps you capture those first breaths of a newborn,  first birthday iced smiles, decorated caps of a graduate, and seasons shared with family.   Klixx's  vision is to always give special attention to help reveal  the true essence of each client's story;  this vision will transcend images to be both beautiful and memorable.

   My passion and dedication to the art of photography has led me to be trained in a variety of ways.  My most beneficial training has come from the Atlanta School of Photography.  The instructors are accredited educators, who specialized in the "FUN"danmentals and technical skills of photography.  At ASOP,  I met one of their talented instructors, Amanda Gardner.  Amanda has been a professional wedding photographer  for 15 years, and is supported with a long list of credentials, degrees, and awards; it was her creative vision that I admired, and personally sought her mentorship and training.  I consider it a great privilege with much gratitude to be personally mentored and trained by such an accomplished photographer.  


Continually, I stand in awe of the ability to create images from a moment stamped in time.  These fragile spontaneous moments hold the trueness of someone's story.   Each story represents the beauty of life. The beauty and emotions of life impels my desire  to master the art of photography, so that my vision can be shared and create images that will bring joy to last a lifetime.                                               



Arlissa Gentry


South East Tennessee and North Georgia

Klixx Photography 
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